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Ecomuseum "In the land of Boykos"

"W Krainie Bojków"
Ecomuseum’s Logo

The main element of this ecomuseum is the path of history and nature called „Hylaty”.

Its first stop is “Chata Bojkowska” (“Boyko Cottage”) – a reconstruction of a traditional in this Carpathian region residential building, adapted for the local educational and cultural centre. It is also the main building for the museum. Currently every summer the local product gallery is open in the Cottage.

A few hundred meters away, at the mouth of the Hylaty stream, one can see the place where the old mill used to stand. At the top of the stream, we can admire the largest waterfall in Bieszczady.

Wandering through a large forest complex we can encounter a number of specific to this region trees: fir, beech (including isolated trees, from which the seeds are harvested), and the maples.

On this route, we will also find rock outcrops. In their vicinity there are large beech specimens.

The main attraction of this path is Dwernik Stone (1004 m above the sea level) – one the most interesting and prettiest peaks of Bieszczady, rapidly uplifting towards its peak, with steep slopes. Its hogback has original rock outcrops, which add aesthetic value. From there a wonderful panorama of Otryt mountain range, Wetlińska & Caryńska Pastures, Great and Little Rawka, main ridge of Tarnica and Bukowe Berdo, Magura Stuposiańska and even the Solina Lake with its dam can be admired (the latter if the binoculars are used).

If during our journey we are quiet and peaceful, we can encounter many species of animals and birds, and looking around carefully, we can find the traces of their presence. Massive forestation determines the occurrence of red deer, lynx, and martens. During the hike one can often come across the traces left by brown bears and wolves.

These areas are also inhabited by amphibians: Carpathian newt, salamander, sand lizard, yellow-bellied toad; reptiles: viper, slow worm; insects: rosalia longicorn, carabus auronitens beetle, and dozens of bird species associated with old forests, e.g. the Ural owl, Eagle-owl, white-backed woodpecker and red-breasted flycatcher.


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