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The bicycle routes

The bicycle routes in Bieszczady have been promoted for many years under the common motto: „Green Bicycle Bieszczady”

The international bicycle trail R-61 “Greenway Eastern Carpathians” runs through Bieszczady. It belongs to the network of routes of the natural and cultural GREENWAYS heritage. These are paths marked along so-called green corridors (rivers, traditional and historical trade routes, natural trails), which connect different regions, tourist attractions and local initiatives.

The bicycle route “Greenway Eastern Carpathians” runs through the territories of three countries: Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine, circling the International Biosphere Reserve “Eastern Carpathians” and incorporating several protected landscape areas and over a dozen smaller cycling routes. One of them is located within the borders of the Lutowiska municipality.

It is a Green Bicycle Route 9B Lutowiska – San valley, leading through the most attractive areas of our municipality. Its total length is 114 km. More information about the cycling routes in Bieszczady can be found on the site of the Bieszczady Cyclists Association:

Within Bieszczady National Park the cycling tourism is based solely around the public roads and the designated routes. Within the Safeguarding Responsibilities of the Bieszczady National Park and in the Visitors Regulations there is over 50 km of public roads and a few sections of paved internal routes which allow for visiting the Park on the bicycle. For the safety of pedestrians and a negative impact that cycling may have on the natural resources of the park, using bicycles on the hiking trails is not permitted.


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