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Carpathian Mountains, Bieszczady, Lutowiska Commune /

About municipality


Lutowiska municipality is located in the South-East part of Podkarpackie voivodeship, in the Bieszczady district. It lies near the border, a neighbour to both Ukraine and Slovakia. Within its limits are the highest peaks of the Bieszczady mountains and the picturesque valley of the river San, which takes it beginnings here. Half of the area of the municipality is under the strict environmental protection under the Bieszczady National Park. The unique features of the landscape and wildlife are the reasons why Lutowiska is a touristic area, appreciated by growing number of visitors every year. 


Lutowiska municipality is a paradise for those who love hiking. Well marked trails and educational paths lead throughout the most important mountain ranges and peaks, such as Wetlińska Pasture, Caryńska Pasture, Bukowe Berdo, Szeroki Wierch or Tarnica, and their total length equals as much as 107 km. For those who prefer to spend their free time on two wheels, there is 106 km of cycling routes waiting here. Our region is also a fantastic place for those who love horse riding and would like to enjoy the Bieszczady landscapes from the saddle. There are several stables and horse riding centres (including those with Hutsul horses) waiting for visitors, along with 146 km of paths adapted for horse riding.

A special feature of the municipality is a huge afforestation, reaching over 90% of its surface. The beautiful Carpathian forest is inhabited by many animal species, among which we can find a Carpathian deer, lynx, wildcat, wild boar, bison, wolf, and even a brown bear. Over the forests dominate the pastures – a unique accumulation of Alpine and subalpine grasslands, in Poland found only in Bieszczady. Countless riches of flora and fauna make everyone feel good here: whether you are a pursuer of the nature’s secrets or a simple nature enthusiasts, you will enjoy your time.

Historical turmoil that took place in the past century on the territory of today’s Lutowiska municipality left a number of historical attractions. The most interesting historical monuments include Boyko Orthodox Church in Smolnik, dated 1971, the Orthodox church in Chmiel, built in 1906, the Catholic church of St. Stanislaus in Lutowiska, and least but not last – the Jewish cemetery in Lutowiska, with around 1000 tombstones. These monuments illustrate perfectly the multicultural character of this region, which for centuries was the hallmark of this land. Those more curious can follow the mysterious trail of the villages, which no longer exist in the present time. This gives the possibility of truly fascinating visualisation of the past life, as it once was.

Lutowiska takes care of its visitors and ensures the friendly atmosphere. There are over 2000 hotel beds ready to accommodate tourists, first class catering, numerous tourist operators, providing a wide range of services for travellers, and widely developed infrastructure (including viewing points, convenient car parks and the ski lift). There are also regularly organised events, including theme ones, such as Post-war Horse Fair, the Bison’s Day, and Sled Dog Racing. These are an excellent opportunity to get to know directly the local folklore, traditions, and the inhabitants of this lovely place.

Bieszczady - Gmina Lutowiska


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