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Sled Dog Racing „In the land of the Wolf”

Due to their geographical and climate conditions, Bieszczady mountains have been called “the Polish Alaska” for many years. Endless spaces, hard mountain climate and small population are the factors that make Bieszczady a perfect place for undertaking various challenges – mainly against wild nature and own weaknesses. With such attitude the group of the best sled dog racers from Poland and Europe, also called the mushers, come every year to Lutowiska.

The Sled Dog Racing is a sporting and cultural event, with dozens of years of tradition in Bieszczady. For several years the Bieszczady capital of this sport has been Lutowiska, situated at the feet of the picturesque mountain range of Otryt. Every year at the end of January the town and its vicinity transform into the arena of incredibly spectacular and unpredictable struggles. Starring – next to mushers – the beautiful, brave and eager to run dogs.

In previous events over 50 teams from the whole of Europe took part. The teams of dogs, from 6 to 12 animals each (mainly Syberian husky, Alaskan husky, and the Greenland dog) race on medium distance routes, its length approximately 120 – 150 km, divided into several stages. One of the most exciting elements of the race is the competition phases happening at night, when the rival teams racing around Lutowiska have to cope with the difficulties of wild nature, under the not always present Moon. The level of difficulty due to the nature of the place where the competition happens, ensures that only the best and the  bravest take part in the contest. This provides the spectators with unforgettable emotions and experiences.

Next to the sport excitements, there is a rich cultural block, which includes the presentations of the racing dogs, showing films about this extreme sport, games and family fun activities. All this is topped with the Musher’s Evening, full of Carpathian music and mulled beer, giving both competitors and supporters a chance to exchange the experiences.

Sled dog racing is more than just a sport. It is a philosophy and a way of life. It is an ideal example of uniting the forces of men and dog for the common cause, where both sides have to overcome their weaknesses.

We invite you to Lutowiska – it is something really worth seeing.

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